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A few years ago, I was approached to design a degree module on sound and music for computer games.
I quickly realised that the textbook I needed hadn’t been written, so had to research and develop the curriculum by myself.

I’ve now written the book that I needed in 2015, and it’s published by Routeledge/Focal Press, and available in all good bookshops!

The book is aimed at readers with a background in audio production, who wish to expand into the area of computer game sound.

It not only walks the reader through creating their own FPS game, but explains exactly what is happening at each stage.
The aim is not for the reader to to have copied my game, but to have interpreted and re-conceptualised the information, resulting in a personalised project, and a deeper understanding of the subject knowledge.

Resource Files

This is also where you can find the resource files for the book – just click on the button below:


It takes a while for a book to go from the word processor to print – and in that time, things change!  I’ll be adding content to this site, that cover any updates to Unity and FMOD that will affect you – so if the software seems to behaving differently than you expect, it’ll be worth checking in here.

Update – May 2020:
So work has got in the way of updating this as much as I’d have liked.
In this time, there’s been quite a few changes to FMOD and Unity, some of which are minor, and some of which broke my code! (notably, the way in which parameters now work)
COVID-19 has given me a little more time to look at this, so I’ve updated the Resources with new code. I’ll be adding more pages to this website soon (hopefully), that document exactly what’s different. Enjoy!


If you’ve any questions, or you’d like to get in touch, drop me a line with the form below.